Make your eLearning Course Migration over to ThriveCart Learn a breeze.
Use this Checklist  for your ThriveCart Learn migration.
Moving your eLearning Courses to a new Platform will be a breeze with our Comprehensive Checklist!
If you are doing an online course transfer to ThriveCart Learn, our Checklist is a must have!
If you are doing a ThriveCart Learn migration of your courses, this checklist will make it much easier, and save you time, stress and money.

Checklist to Move Your Course Over to ThriveCart Learn—Move Your Course to ThriveCart Learn Effortlessly with this Checklist

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Moving Your Course to ThriveCart Learn?

Let Me Help Make this Process as Smooth as Possible for You 
with  a Comprehensive Checklist to Guide You Through Every Step of the Way

(for just $9) 

Whether you're an experienced course creator or a first-time user, our checklist will provide you with clear and actionable steps to ensure your course move is a success.

No more struggling to figure out how to move your course content.

With our checklist, you'll learn how to move your course content in a step-by-step fashion, and to keep all the movingpieces organized.

With our checklist, you'll have a clear roadmap to success. And with ThriveCart Learn's intuitive platform and powerful features, you'll be able to create and deliver a world-class eLearning experience to your students in no time.

Here's a Peek Inside—

Switching to a New eLearning Platform Can be Daunting

That's why I've created a comprehensive checklist to help guide you through the entire process. 

Our step-by-step guide will help you through moving/exporting your course content, setting up  your ThriveCart Learn, and getting your course up in no time flat.



This Comprehensive Checklist has everything you need to move your course from it's present eLearning platform over to ThriveCart Learn, in a systematized and organized way! 

You'll Discover—
Best Practices and Insider Tips to Make the Process as Smooth as Possible.
  • Fearful about losing, or missing, course content or data during the migration process?
  • Worried about the time-consuming nature of the migration process
  • and that it might take focus away from other important aspects of your business?

 This  comprehensive checklist can help to mitigate these challenges and make the process of moving courses to ThriveCart Learn as smooth and stress-free as possible.!

I Have Moved Many Courses Over to, and 'Coursified' Many Trainings in, ThriveCart Learn (and I can give you references for this). Not Only Have I Learned a Lot of Things and Shortcuts Along the Way, but I Have Also Experimented With Different Ways to Make the Process More Efficient and Error Proof.

You Now Get the Benefit of it All. I developed this Comprehensive Checklist to Help You Move Your Course to ThriveCart Learn, and to Make Things Go Smoother and Easier for YOU!

Here's Exactly What's Included—


  1. A 10 +  page comprehensive checklist
  2. A 20 + page Workbook (including some trackers) to help you keep                                   even more organized
  3. PLUS an Instructional Video                                             

Files Included— PDF with all the information you need to make your transition over to ThriveCart Learn as smooth and seamless ad possible.


With This Checklist, You'll Have a Clear Roadmap to Success.

‘Checklist to Move Your Course Over to ThriveCart Learn’—

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Written Instructions
  • Workbook to go with Checklist
  • Instructional Video


Simply Download the PDF and then Start Using the Checklist in a Step-by-Step Manner For Smooth Sailing

Now you’ll be able to move your course(s) over to ThriveCart Learn without all the time and stress of trying to figure it out on your own!

 This is a PERSONAL USE product, which means it can not be re-sold. However you of course can use it to help you move all your courses over to ThriveCart Learn with confidence and ease!

 Please note—This is for a DIGITAL PRODUCT. NO physical product is provided.


Wouldn't it be nice to get your course moved in a step-by-step matter
in much less time? 


Take the first step towards a better eLearning experience and download our comprehensive checklist today. 

Move your course content to ThriveCart Learn with ease, and start delivering a world-class eLearning experience to your students.

Start Moving Your Course(s) Today ...

Frequently Asked Questions — 

What will it say on my receipt?

You are purchasing 'Checklist to Move to ThriveCart Learn' —but the company name on your receipt will be Enthroned Empress, which is my company.

What happens next?

After you enroll you will immediately get an email welcoming you, and giving you instructions on accessing your materials. 

We also suggest you whitelist our emails so you won’t miss out on 1 drop of information! Check your email and take action on what you learn.

 Do You Offer Refunds?

Being that you receive instant access to the Checklist, there are no refunds associated with this offer.

Our offerings and programs are designed for students who sincerely want to take action and make a difference. Read through the information and testimonials to get a sense of the quality training you’ll have access to. Holli is committed to delivering the best training possible and she’s dedicated to her students.

We can’t imagine you not loving the information you will be getting. I am incredibly confident that you will find all the information extremely valuable!

Will I Receive Anything in the Mail?

No, this is a digital product only.

Everything you need will be delivered to you to download via email. We will send instructions to make this super easy for you.

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